2018 Non-Surgical Symposium: A Nurse’s Perspective

Nurse Eliza’s Highlights from the 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium located this year on the Gold Coast at the Convention Centre. This soon proved to meet and exceed all expectations I had held, being filled with countless exceptional speakers from around the globe, demonstrating and discussing cutting edge treatments to improve skin quality, texture, overall appearance, treatment techniques with anti-wrinkle injectable treatments and dermal fillers, as well as new strategies in combating female gynaecological health with CO2 lasers and radio frequency. Being able to witness and learn from these experienced men and women was inspirational, and highlights the exciting, ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine.

As a relatively new member of this illustrious district of medicine, one of my focuses for the Symposium was to learn and advance my knowledge around what is new in cosmopharmalogical world. This is something that is particularly important as it’s the foundation of an individual’s skin health, and usually is both the starting and end point of the majority of individual’s day to day lives. Living my whole life under the Australian sun, I have always been conscious of the impact that has on your skin health. What was highlighted at the conference this year is that sun light (comprised of UV, visible and infrared light) damages and ages the skin, but also the underlying fat, muscle and bone tissue, causing free radical production and overall appearance of aging. The importance of ensuring individuals use appropriate sun protection is something that is easy to implement, as well as something that will make a large difference long term. Very few of the suncreams available on the market however provide us with enough protection (particularly from the visible and infrared light), with studies shown that only one product range, Rationale, provides adequate protection from these forms of light.

Coming from a strong science background, working conjunctively in the intensive care department, another highlight of the symposium, also from the cosmopharmalogical lectures was the use of lab-cultured growth factors and cytokines in both daily skin care, as well as some micro-needling serums. The applications for this form of technology are endless, with exciting advancements hair follicle science, vaginal rejuvenation, as well as restoration of the skins natural healing and rejuvenating ability. Being able to work in the industry with such advancements is a privilege and I am excited to be able to bring such knowledge and treatments to my patients.

As an individual I am all about holistic health, and as such was pleased to see a focus on oral supplements and nutrition and how that can impact upon and improve your overall skin health. This focus is something that I think helps to ensure a complete consultation framework.

Looking back at the conference, I plan to help create and implement some take home information for new clients to help provide a complete, comprehensive skin care strategies, treating the skin from the inside out. I look forward to applying my learnings from the conference into my work at Sanctum.

Eliza Game, Cosmetic Nurse, Sanctum Medical