Alice’s Sanctum experience

Alice of Pandaemonium. works as a writer, graphic designer, content creator, project manager and brand ambassador.

Alice has been a patient here at Sanctum since moving to Hobart and she shares with us a little about her experience, her treatments and what being comfortable in her skin means for her.

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My perception of beauty and caring for my appearance starts with my mum of course. She was, and still is, the epitome of understated timeless beauty. She always cared for her skin, everyday taking the time to see herself exactly as she was.

She was a stickler for cleansing & moisturising, morning and night. Although it’s something we never really talked about, it was something that I saw and learnt from.

I watched this my whole life. My mum, ageing with such grace and consideration.

Somewhere along the way I learnt something else, this little notion of feeling uncomfortable about my own beauty. I couldn’t quite figure out what it meant to me, especially when it somehow became a success metric for my work! The beautiful, brilliant little firecracker.  

Zadie Smith sums up exactly how I’ve felt in my own skin as I’ve grown up and as I grow older.

‘She’s not really that vain. She just hasn’t settled into her beauty yet. She’s still young. She hasn’t decided what to do with it. It’s a powerful thing.’

But I’m getting there, seeing the results from my treatments at Sanctum has given me an appreciation of my body, to see it at its best and it’s lead me to a place where I cruise through life feeling beautiful.

It’s a true gift.

I was first introduced to Sanctum by the people in my life, and was instantly curious about their clinical approach to skincare {once upon a time I was a scientist, the thirst for clinically proven methodology dies hard} and their wholistic approach to building out a treatment plan that not only addressed my concerns but also supported the foundational and long term health of my skin.

Dr Clair McCartney, skin therapist Nelly and Nurse Katie-Jo worked in tandem to craft a treatment plan for me that I can’t help but share. Their support, pragmatism and understanding throughout is unbeatable.

–    –     –

Treatment : Consultation to develop my treatment plan

Concern being addressed : my main presenting concern was redness to my cheeks and I was looking for an approach to my skincare routine that would focus on preventing skin damage and help me clear up some of the congestion of my skin

My personal notes : I was really impressed by Clair’s understanding of my concerns and the high level of insight and information she game me when she addressed all my my questions, queries and concerns. Clair also developed a home daily skincare plan for me that was simple, easy to follow and that made sense to me and my daily routine.

Treating clinician : Dr Clair McCartney

Daily skincare routine

  • B3T Rationale Sunscreen
  • Ultraceuticals Brightening Cleanser
  • Anti-redness moisturiser
  • Rationale eye cream

I noticed a marked improvement with how clear, hydrated and how even my complexion was after a few weeks of following my daily skincare routine. Bright dewy complexion everyday!


Treatment : Microdermabrasion facial – one every three weeks

Concern being addressed : Generally improving my skin clarity, promoting new skin cell growth and clearing congestion

Treating clinician : Skin therapist, Nelly


Treatment : Laser Genesis – one every three weeks

Concern being addressed : Generally promoting skin health and the production of new skin cells

My personal notes : Katie-Jo described the feeling of this treatment as feeling like warm wax dripping onto your face. I was the most beautiful, relaxing thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Treating clinician : Nurse Katie-Jo


Treatment : V-Beam x three treatments four weeks apart

Concern being addresses : reducing redness in my cheeks

My personal notes : This was the only treatment I found mildly uncomfortable, with a slight sting and a little lingering heat.

Treating clinician : Dr Clair McCartney


Treatment : Botox –  12.5 units to the top of the forehead

Concern being addressed : I do have quite an expressive face so a small injection of botox reduced lines on the forehead and will work to prevent wrinkles in this area that’s particular prone to wrinkles as I age!

My personal notes : I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it! Getting botox. But I’m a total convert! My skin looks natural, clear and luminous.

Treating clinician : Dr Clair McCartney


Treatment : Prowave x four treatments four to six weeks apart

Concern being addressed : Hair removal along my bikini line

My personal notes : I felt completely at ease with Nelly throughout this treatment. Although the slight sting is ever so slightly uncomfortable it wasn’t anything like I’d expected.

Treating clinician : Skin therapist, Nelly


Treatment : Velashape – body contouring x three treatments two weeks apart

Concern being addressed : Reduction of a particularly pesky roll on my stomach.

My personal notes : It’s not very often that I find myself in front of the camera and not behind it. So I always get a little self conscious when asked to be featured in a campaign for a brand. In the lead up to a campaign shoot I worked through a series of body contouring treatments to tighten and smooth a particularly pesky role on my stomach.  After all three treatments there was an undeniable improvement to the appearance of my stomach!

Treating clinician : Skin therapist, Nelly

–     –     –

When I consider my time as a patient at Sanctum I always come back to the resounding aspect that is the really cohesive approach to my care. Every moment of every treatment I felt like I was in the best of hands, that all the competence, skill and attention of the high highly trained clinicians treating me was fully focused on my outcomes.

Wading through  my treatment plan also gave me time to spend with myself. Time to see myself exactly as I am..

And loving it.