Dr Clair’s Bride to Be Wedding Blog…. 10 weeks to go and counting

Since getting engaged in May 2016, life has been one amazing rollercoaster! With just 10 short months from Engagement to Wedding, I’ve been in a whirlwind of planning, organising, shopping and beautifying.

Many of you have asked what I’ve been doing to ensure I feel good and look great on the big day … So I’m sharing with you my ‘Wedding Beauty Plan’. Being in the industry, it can be all consuming, but the most important part of a wedding is definitely to enjoy yourself. You will always be beautiful to those around you. This is one of the happiest days of your life. However, there were a few things that I wanted looked after so I felt confident and the best version of myself!

10 Months To Go:
• Personalised skin care regime. Now, I did cheat here a little because I already have a pretty good skincare regime. I cleanse daily (most of the time) and I use our Advanced Skin Technology Sonic Brush twice a week. In the morning I use Rationale No.1 and my DNA EGF tinted sunscreen. At night Rationale No.5. So what did I do? “Revved” it up by adding Rationale No. 2 in the AM and Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 at night. Even if you don’t do anything for your skin, 6-10 months out from the wedding is a perfect time to start some home care.

6 Months To Go: 
• In August I had a Thermage full face treatment. I had been wanting to have this done for such a long time, but this felt like the perfect excuse to invest more in my skin. Thermage is a radiofrequency device that tightens skin, lifts and improves skin quality – like pilates for your skin! It’s a one off, comfortable procedure, taking about 45 mins to an hour. Best results are seen 6 months after the treatment. With no down-time it was easy to schedule in around my work and life commitments – and I have loved seeing the results take shape. Cost: $1800

4 Months To Go:
• PRP or the Vampire Face Lift. This treatment was also on my “To Do list” for a long time (made famous by Kim Kardashian). I have performed many of these PRP/Vampire Face Lift treatments on my patients and I have watched their skin become so luminous and smooth. Needless to say, this was a ‘must-do’ before my wedding. You are very red after the procedure, so I needed 1 day off work as down-time, which is why it is sometimes hard to fit in, but I am so pleased to have had it done!!! The results are incredible, so good I’ve just had my décolletage done (see photo).

3 Months To Go:
• What is left on my to do list? The things I still want done closer to the date…
– Limelight: This treatment reduces pigmentation and freckles on the face. I’ve had this done twice before and loved the results.
– Facials: I have already had a few facials over the last few months and will have a course of three more – finishing 2 weeks before the wedding. Plus one Microdermabrasion.
– Anti-wrinkle injections: just a little where it’s needed!
– Filler: a subtle enhancement to the cheeks 2 months prior to the wedding, I know this will make me feel like a superstar on my big day.

I am still in the frantic rush of organising everything – making last minute changes, finding the perfect shoes and choosing from far too many gorgeous blooms! It has been so wonderful to make some time for myself by having these treatments during this busy season. It is fabulous to simply relax and enjoy the process – it only happens once after all!