Ella’s Bridal Beauty – Smoothing & contouring with injectables

I recently had my first smoothing and contouring session with Dr Clair McCartney at Sanctum Medical. I am very passionate about looking and feeling my very best not only on my wedding day, but every day and the team at Sanctum are the best in the business when it comes to making you feel refreshed by smoothing fine lines and restoring volume in your face.

The area we decided to focus on for my first treatment session was my forehead, as this is an area of concern for me. Shift work seems to be taking its toll on my frown lines above my brows and it is really important for me that I start to reduce/smooth these lines now, to hopefully prevent them from further developing later in life. Anti-wrinkle injections at Sanctum help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles created over time through relaxing the muscles causing these lines. Toxin not only reverses existing lines, but regular maintenance treatments can also prevent further wrinkles from developing. People like me in their 20s and 30s are now becoming far more proactive when it comes to the aging process of the skin and it is certainly going to pay off in the long run. After all prevention is better than cure. If normal day-to-day life isn’t stressful enough, planning a wedding on top of this certainly isn’t easy, therefore in order for my skin to remain smooth and wrinkle free the Sanctum team have recommended I receive 4-monthly treatments leading up to the big day.

The procedure was very quick and easy. A small amount of numbing cream was applied and Dr Clair made a few small injections into my forehead, it was as simple as that. I should start to see results within the next couple of weeks and I cannot wait to share them with you.


The second part of my session with Dr Clair involved enhancing the volume of my lips using dermal filler. My top lip has always been an area of concern for me, firstly because it is somewhat asymmetrical and secondly because it is significantly thinner/flatter than my bottom lip. Dermal filler is a very popular enhancement used by brides to define their cheekbones and facial contours and to create volume and shape to the lips. To be completely honest I had always been a little bit hesitant about dermal filler as I was worried about losing that ‘natural’ look of my face. However, Sanctum Medical’s ethos is about creating a natural look in all their patients. Dermal fillers at Sanctum contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring product in your skin, that when injected appropriately restore volume & lift.

The procedure was very quick and easy. Dr Clair applied some numbing cream and an ice pack to my lips in preparation. A short time later she made a small number of injections into my lips. Immediately following the procedure I had some swelling. This is very normal and with regular application of an ice pack and some antiseptic cream, within a few days the swelling had resolved. A small amount of bruising can also be normal. I had a little bit around the injection site, but this was very minimal and resolved within a few days.

The results are amazing, I absolutely LOVE my lips now, they are finally symmetrical, feel fuller and most importantly look so natural. If you have any concerns at all about your lips I highly recommended chatting to the Sanctum team about their dermal fillers to add volume, define lip borders, improve symmetry of the lips and remove fine lines around your mouth.

El xx