Dr Asha Ram & Rationale’s 2018 Skincare Resolutions


Rationale’s top skincare resolutions from its Doctors in 2018 include top tips from Dr Asha Ram.

Asha’s message to get your skin in its best shape in 2018 is:

“Be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE with in clinic procedures. i.e. DO (masks/peels/facials) before you SEE (ageing/dryness/dullness/loss of elasticity).”

Dr Asha Ram


At Sanctum Medical, it’s about ageing intelligently. It’s about preventing future damage the same way one visits the dentist to ensure sound dental health. Our trained doctors, nurses and dermal therapists take proactive steps in assessing and managing your skin so that you can be the best version of you!

Here are what other doctors had for their skincare resolutions:

“Improve your skin barrier with Immunologist Serum. Protect it daily with B3-T SPF50+ and re-acidify your skin at night with the Catalyst GelCreme. I promise you’ll notice results
and from there, you’ll achieve your ultimate skin goals.”
Dr Gina Messiha
Ocean Cosmetics Skin and Laser Clinic WA

“Wear sunscreen EVERY DAY regardless of the weather or the time of the year, it will help reduce the incidence of skin cancer and protect your skin from sun damage.
There is no excuse!”
Dr Jane Thompson
Southern Plastic Surgery VIC

“I promise I will not go to bed without using my Essential Six! Mornings are easy, but sometimes I find I’m too tired at night to cleanse. No more excuses! I will not forget!”
Dr Philip Bekhor
Laser Dermatology VIC

“1. Don’t get caught short without your sunscreen…
carry a spare sunscreen at all times. You must re-apply!
2. Wash off the daily grime, cleanse every night without fail.
3. Commit to your skincare routine to see the skin you deserve.”

Dr Joseph Hkeik
All Saints Clinic NSW

The recurring message from every expert is sun protection, sun protection, sun protection! And Rationale delivers with a range of sun protection products to use in conjunction with every prescribed Rationale routine. Rationale’s current range consists of PhotoDynamic Day Cream SPF15, PhotoDynamic Eye Cream SPF15, B3-T SPF50+, Beautiful Skin SPF50 and Beautiful Boosters SPF50. Visit the Skin Shop @ Sanctum at 72 Sandy Bay Road for advice on how to achieve your new year skincare resolutions.