Five minutes with Skin Therapist Nelly

Nelly is a skincare maverick and all round skin super women.

When it comes to skincare there isn’t much that Nelly, one of our resident skin therapists here in the clinic, doesn’t know.  

Nelly gave us five minutes of her time to talk all things foundational skincare, the nature of  ‘that glow’ and she shares a few of her killer skin secrets!


– – –

What are two products that you can’t live without! That you use every single day?

Body oil. Bio oil & La’Bang body oil are a two of my favourites.

And my Rationale Cleanser of course.


Could you tell me a little bit about your favourite treatment at the moment?

I don’t really have a favourite! I feel like it’s all about a favourite outcome! As long as my patients are happy and I’ve been able to work with them to build out a treatment plan that makes them feel like the best versions of themselves then I’m happy!


What are three words you feel describe Sanctum?

Simply beautiful.

Beautiful people.

A beautiful place.

Beautiful experiences.


What is the biggest investment you’ve made in your skin?

Everyday prevention is the best investment I’ve made in my skin. A simple and effective home care routine with high quality skin care products plays such a crucial part in keeping your skin hydrated, healthy and glowing!



What do you feel is the biggest misconception people have about the Medical Aesthetics Industry?

That getting treatments will make you look fake. The best work is a subtle enhancement and most of the time treatments are simply caring for your skins health!


Why is it so important that we all look after our skin?

Because you only got one skin.


– – –


Building a treatment plan tailored to your needs is at the core of our ethos here at Sanctum. Making sure you have everything you need to be the most confident you in your skin.

Our treatment plans are simple, easy to follow and comprehensive! Meaning you never have to worry about what you should be doing to care for your skin! With a collection of treatments to address your concerns and maintain your foundational skin health as well as a day to day skincare plan and product recommendations. We’ve got you covered!

Simply call our beloved front of house team to book a time to develop your treatment plan with Nelly!