Miguel’s Sanctum Experience.

There is no denying at 19, Miguel Pundang is one of the coolest kids in town. The Sanctum team have been working with Miguel to clear up his skin and he shared a little about his experience with us.

–  –  –

What did you think your experience at Sanctum would be like before you came to your first appointment?

Going in I didn’t know what to expect. I had never gone to a spa or skincare centre before. I never expected everyone to go to such great lengths to get my skin to look and feel so good.

How was it different from what you thought it would be?

Super inviting! From the moment I walked in the door there was a sea of reassuring, gorgeous smiles making me feel at home.

What was your first appointment with Nelly like?

Nelly made me feel really comfortable & made me feel that she truly cared about finding the right solutions for me. Nelly asked me what my skin concerns were and what my skincare routine was.

She suggested some little changes to my day to day routine and gave me some suggestions of skincare products that were better suited for my skin to consider.

Nelly also taught me how to cleanse my skin properly & how important it is to cleansing at night.

I also had a facial with Nelly and it was incredible! I’d never felt so relaxed in my life!

–  –  –

Miguel’s treatment plan.

When Miguel came to us this biggest concern was clearing his skin from congestion & breakouts. Nelly, one of our skin therapists assessed Miguel’s skincare needs & put together a simple and easy plan to address them!

Miguel’s ongoing skincare plan includes : –

  • An initial consult to develop a skincare treatment plan ($60)
  • A series of microdermabrasion facial to clear congestion and to  promote overall skin health & rejuvenation ($125)
  • Miguel was recommended to use an ASAP Cleanser ($49) and an ASAP ultimate hydration moisturiser ($84) to support his skin day to day. 


–  –  –

To learn more about what a skincare plan could look like for you or to book a consult simply phone through to our front of house team so we can make sure we’re booking the right appointment for you!


note : Miguel’s recommended skincare products are available at Sanctum.