Pre-Wedding PRP Treatment with Dr Clair McCartney

My first PRP Treatment

Today I had my first Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment with Dr Clair at Sanctum medical.

I was so excited to try this treatment! So many people rave about the results and for good reason, it’s a safe procedure backed by a lot of evidence. PRP injections are designed to help improve skin texture, elasticity and facial volume by using the plasma component in your own blood to stimulate collagen production. I love that it’s a natural procedure, using natural product (your own blood plasma).

The three areas we decided to focus on during my first PRP treatment were my under eyes, the sides of my mouth/cheeks and my décolletage.

First, my blood was taken by Dr Clair, this was such a quick and easy process. Just ensure that your well hydrated prior to your appointment so that your veins are easily accessible. My blood was then immediately placed in a spinning device called a centrifuge, this separates the platelet rich plasma from the other components of the blood. This is extremely important as it is the plasma that contains the growth factors responsible for the efficacy of PRP treatment.


Secondly, my platelet rich plasma was injected back into my face/chest. When injected these rich platelets release powerful growth factor and natural stem cells in order to promote regeneration and restructure of skin tissue – giving you that fresh face feel.


Following this Dr Clair performed some micro-needling on my face and chest. A small hand device that contains tiny micro-needles creates micro-wounds on the skin initiating the body’s natural wound-healing process where collagen and elastin are produced. This was also very quick (less than 10 minutes).


The treatment was then completed with a hydrating mask and healite for approximately 15 minutes. This was a lovely relaxing way to finish my procedure and left me feeling very pampered. The entire procedure took less than an hour and was really quite enjoyable. Dr Clair applied some local anaesthetic cream to my skin prior to commencing the treatment to ensure that the procedure was very tolerable. This was great as if allowed me to actually enjoy lying down and being treated without feeling too much discomfort. If you have ever had laser hair removal or waxing, the discomfort experienced is comparable and definitely tolerable.

After the treatment, my skin looked slightly pink and felt as if it was a little sunburnt. I am very excited to see the results and looking forward to sharing them with you. I will have subsequent treatments to maximise the results, approximately 3 in total prior to my wedding.

To see what other treatments are in store on my 12mth pre-wedding skincare journey, see the complete plan here. And for your own personalised Wedding Skincare Plan, book your appointment with Dr Clair today.

El x