Rationale Feature Doctor: Dr Asha Ram

Rationale Feature Doctor: Dr Asha Ram

This is skincare Q&A with Dr Asha Ram, as featured in Rationale’s March 2018 newsletter. It is such an honour for Sanctum to have one of our leading doctors chosen by Rationale to feature in their monthly profile section. Asha has given some great skin tips in her interview. Read on…

What’s your favourite active complex and why?
Vitamin A complex. It’s transformational. Not only is it moisturising, but it remodels the skin, keeps pigment under control and you don’t need as much makeup. It’s also helps even out the skin one and boosts luminosity. Every time I run out, I’m reminded how essential it is for healthy skin.

What is the one thing you’d love your patients to stop doing?
Stop treating your skin worse than you treat your hair or your teeth! Always ensure you have a comprehensive, prescribed homecare regime and make sure you have regular appointments booked with a Doctor who is passionate about skin (every 6-12 weeks) for an evolving skin health plan. Your skin is your largest living organ… for heaven’s sake, it is your responsibility to do so!

What is the best skincare lesson you’ve received?
Apply sunscreen to every part of your body, especially the neck, chest and the back of your hands, I’m seeing my patients take meticulous care of their face, but 10-15 years later, they’re coming to see me distraught not understanding why their neck, chest and hands aren’t congruent with their face.

In your opinion, what’s the most recent game changing industry
DNA Analysis of skin type and ageing profile is the future, and it’s also here right now! It takes the guess work out of prediction and prescription.

What is the most insightful thing you’ve read recently?
I am a total nerd and big book worm. I’m also a philosophy junkie and my fave go to each morning is “Brain Pickings” by Maria Popova. She is an extraordinary female mind with a thirst for words, and ideas that match my own thirsts. She feeds me daily. I’ve included a current link: http://bit.ly/2EvSN3n

My aesthetic work is complemented by art, poetry, writing and constant learnings by masters in their field. So, I learn Italian, partake in fine art lessons, philosophy and art history. I’m also part of a team behind a hatted restaurant and so much more! Life is to be lived fully!


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