The Art of Cleansing

It’s an exciting and revolutionary time in the Skincare and Medical Aesthetics world. New technological devices and cosmeceuticals are being formulated with wonderful ingredients. These advancements mean we all have a better understanding of skin types and conditions. Your skincare journey is limitless!

With all of this at play, we don’t want to lose sight of the basic fundamentals that lead to optimal skin health. We need to be applying a 20/80 balance! With 20% of our skincare consisting of clinical treatments and 80% of our skincare to be the work we do at home, everyday! It’s a core focus for our team here at Sanctum to make sure you leave your time with us in the clinic with a tailored treatment & home care plan to suit your skin type and any conditions that may be present.

One simple step in your home care routine that is greatly underestimated is the art of cleansing properly! Healthy and well balanced skin is a composition of oil and water, it enables your skin to do its job!

Using a cleanser thats incorrect for your skin or even a cleansing technique thats not quite right can lead to  disrupted pH Levels in your skin. A common misconception is for patients with oily skin to use a harsh, foaming cleanser to mop up the oil flow, which will lead to an array of problems as it is in fact stripping the skin. We want oil on the skin, just a healthy balance of it. If we strip this oil, our skin will in fact overcompensate and produce more oil than before.

The same rule applies for not cleansing or not using a Cosmeceutical grade cleanser, that doesn’t have the ability to remove make-up, SPF or daily pollutants.

If we don’t cleanse the skin or cleanse with the correct cleanser for our skin type we are not prepping our skin for protection and correction with our other home care products.

It may sound too simple, but I am a firm believer that small tweaks to your home care routine can make a world of difference!

Many of us cleanse AM and PM and many of us do this in the shower. It is time to establish a more effective way of cleansing our skin, this is a general rule and should apply to almost anyone, no matter your skin type or condition. 

  • Cleanse only at night and perform a double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove any make-up, SPF or daily pollutants. The second cleanse will cleanse and re-balance the skin and remove any excess make-up left over from the first cleanse.
  • Standing at your bathroom sink, apply the cleanser to a dry skin, massage, emulsify with warm water and continue to massage. Rinse, dry and repeat this process.
  • Continue with your prescribed night time actives and moisturiser.

Night time is the most effective time to cleanse your skin as our skin corrects and regenerates as we sleep. Our skin is at its healthiest and is well balanced in the morning if we have followed the above steps the night before. For this very reason, there is no need to cleanse the skin in the morning, a simple splash and rinse of water in the shower or at the sink is all the skin requires. This technique would need to be modified for a true oily skin type with moderate to severe active acne or for morning gym goers.

Our skin is affected by so many factors such as ageing, environmental pollutants, free radicals and the sun. We want to support the collagen and elastin fibres that support the foundation of our skin. Cleansing our skin effectively is the starting point on this journey as our actives, hydration boosters and sunscreen (with a SPF 30-50+) to follow suit.

It is of the utmost importance that you are prescribed the correct cleanser for your skin type after a thorough consult and skin examination from your skin care professional.


Cleanse away!

Dani x


My favourite favourite cleansers :

  • Rationale Pro Ceramide Cleanser
  • ASAP AHA Cleanser
  • Ultra MD Brightening Cleanser


Note : these cleansers are all available for purchase at Sanctum (YAY!)