Dermal Fillers

In our doctor’s skilled hands we can create a natural, more refreshed you, restoring volume and shape using dermal fillers. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring product in your skin, that when injected appropriately restores volume & lift.

Dermal filler with any of Sanctum’s expertly trained Nurses is from $450/ml (normally from $750/ml). Take advantage of this great price point to restore volume and shape to cheeks and lips. Book today with one of our Nurses.

Common dermal filler treatment areas: 

  • mid face & cheek contouring
    • Rejuvenating the midface by replacing lost volume and smoothing lines
    • Defining the cheekbones in a younger face to enhance facial contours
  • chin & jawline enhancement
  • lip enhancement
    • Defining borders, reducing lines and rejuvenating an older lip
    • Providing volume and shape to a younger lip, a subtle enhancement
  • brow lifting
  • under eye hollows & tear ducts
  • full facial rejuvenation



Frequently asked questions about Dermal Fillers

What is actually in ‘filler’?
The dermal fillers used at Sanctum are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers.  HA is a naturally occurring sugar in your skin, that when injected appropriately restores volume & lift.

Does it hurt?
Dermal fillers do not require any anaesthetic as the fillers themselves contain some local anaesthetic, which acts as soon as they are injected.  Patients are often surprised at how comfortable and pain-free the procedure is.  Often you can feel a small sting initially, but the rest of the procedure is a feeling of ‘pressure’ not pain.  If you are concerned about pain, we can use topical anaesthetics on the face and lips as an added precaution.

Will people know I have had a treatment?
Our ethos at Sanctum is to create a ‘Natural & Refreshed’ appearance.  We don’t want to make you look like another person.  You will notice the changes, but often no one else will be able to pinpoint a change, which we consider successful.  Friends will say you look refreshed and rejuvenated … the best version of yourself!

How long does it last? 
Our high quality dermal fillers last between 18 months – 2 years, sometimes even longer in certain areas.

Will I be swollen or bruised?
After filler to the lips, you can be swollen for 12-24 hrs.  We recommend you don’t plan anything that evening, just have a relaxed night at home.  Most patients find that they are ok to work the next day. With filler to other areas swelling is not normally an issue.  Bruising can occur, but not in all patients.  If bruising does occur we can use treatments & techniques to speed up their healing & conceal their appearance.

I don’t want to look overdone, fake or plastic.  How do I avoid this?
We work with a Whole Face approach & create a treatment plan for each individual patient and face.  Small amounts of product are used in careful areas to reverse the signs of aging.  It takes a huge amount of skill, training & expertise to do this well, & at Sanctum we pride ourselves on our Natural Approach.

Where do I start?
If you would like to know more,  book in for a consultation with one of our Doctors.  There is no obligation to have a treatment, rather we use this time to provide you detailed information about tailored treatment options & discussion of budget & costs. A consultation is $105. This fee is waived if you proceed with treatment on the day.